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The Icograda Foundation was established in 1991 for the advancement of worldwide understanding and education through the effective use of graphic design. The Icograda Foundation is a company limited by guarantee in England, Registration No. 100388, and is a charity registered with the Charity Commission for England and Wales. It obtains funds from corporate sponsorships, individual donations, legacies, and various fundraising activities.

The Foundation has organised seminars and events as well as granted modest scholarships for students to attend Icograda events.

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Support the Icograda Foundation

In 2006, Icograda initiated a poster project to support the Icograda Foundation. At each Icograda Design Week, a local designer is invited to design a poster that inteprets Icograda's vision of leading creatively. Proceeds from the poster sales go to the Icograda Foundation.

Icograda Design Week in Africa

September 2006

Garth Walker of Durban's Orange Juice Design designed this limited edition poster for Icograda Design Week in Africa. A limited run of 150 prints is available through the Icograda Secretariat.

"I have designed a simple poster using a theme 'Africa rises to lead'. The image is a direct interpretation of a Zulu 'praise poem' which forms part of isiZulu oral histrory. The poem tells of the rise of Dingiswayo, son of Jobe of the Mthethwa clan who went on the become a great leader of his people, mentor of Shaka, King of the Zulu nation. The parallel is apt for today, as I firmly believe that Africa (and particularly South Africa) will rise to become 'leader of the creative world'."

Design education is a long standing passion for Garth and he lectures widely on design issues and has facilitated workshops in South Africa, France, Croatia, Germany, Holland, United Kingdom, Korea, China, America and Brazil. In 2004, he was a speaker at Icograda Design Week in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Garth is a member of Alliance Graphique Internationale (AGI) and the St. Moritz Design Summit. He is also a member of British Design & Art Direction, The New York Type Directors Club and is a trustee of the South African Graphic Design Council (think).

In addition to donating his time and design, paper for the poster was donated by Sappi and printing was sponsored by Capture Press.

Icograda Design Week in Seattle

July 2006

Robynne Raye of Seattle's Modern Dog designed this poster to celebrate Icograda Design Week in Seattle. A limited run of 350 prints is available.

Seattle's Modern Dog Design Co. has become synonymous with the Seattle graphic design scene and is widely recognised as an inventive and often irreverent purveyor of popular culture. Designer Robynne Raye interpeted Icograda's objective to represent creative leadership in developing the poster. "The message can be interpreted on multiple layers: on the surface we have the coffee drinking stereotype of the city. If we dig a little deeper we are confronted by the self-indulgent nature of portable consumption and the waste it produces (paper cup, plastic lid and straw) as well as the obvious buzz it produces for the consumer," said Raye. "My cyclops infers the phrase: "in the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king". As a society we are largely unaware of how a number of corporations operate as they are left to do their job and make money by whatever means necessary. Until people become more informed, these corporations are the "one-eyed king". We are not able to just directly force business to act more responsibly - but an enlightened society can create an environment where the most profitable way to operate is also the most responsible. "

Raye has received recognition from every major design organisation in the United States. In addition, her work has been exhibited in Finland, Poland, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Germany, France, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Japan, Canada, Mexico and the United States. Her posters are represented in the permanent archives of the Library of Congress, Hong Kong Heritage Museum, Bibliotheque Nationale de France in Paris, Museum Fur Kunst und Gewerbe in Hamburg, the Warsaw National Museum, and the Smithsonian Institute's Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum in New York.

The posters are available for $50 USD, including shipping.

To place an order for a poster, please contact:

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