05 February 2007


Industrial Design Centre (IDC)
5-9 February 2007

The Icograda Design Week was held at Mumbai, India in Feb 2007, and was hosted by the Industrial Design Centre (IDC), the post-graduate design school at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay, Mumbai.

International Design Conference

The International Design Conference held from 8-9 February with over 1250 participants at the convocation hall of IIT Bombay forefronted the best practices of design from around the world, additionally underscored by vision statements by grandmasters to highlight historically defining moments of design that have shaken up business.

There were 5 vision talks spread across two days by the following grandmasters:
  • Massimo Vignelli
  • Prof R K Joshi
  • Lella Vignelli
  • April Greiman
  • Mervyn Kurlansky

Design from around the world had talks by experts around the following four themes

  • Culture and Identity Systems,
  • Design Process and Strategy for Business
  • Information and Visualisation and
  • Explorations and Imageries

Speakers spanned from across the globe representing best practices from North and South and East and West – Brazil, USA, Canada, Denmark, S Africa, UK, Itlay, Qatar, Israel, India, S Korea and Australia.

  • Massimo & Lella Vignelli (USA, Itlay)
  • April Greiman (USA)
  • Mahendra Patel (India)
  • Sudarshan Dheer (India)
  • R K Joshi (India)
  • Jacques Lange (South Africa)
  • Mervyn Kurlansky (Denmark)
  • Russell Kennedy (Australia)
  • Halim Choueiry (Quatar)
  • Don Ryun Chang (South Korea)
  • Ruth Klotzel (Brazil)
  • Lise Vejse Klint (Denmark)
  • Omar Vulpinari (Italy)
  • Brenda Sanderson (Canada)
  • Iko & Noni Avital (Israel)
  • Vikas Satwalekar (India)
  • Ajit Balakrishna (India)
  • Bela Sanghvi (India)

International Student Design Workshop

The workshop for the aspiring student attempting to learn about design from various angles possible – its history, the country's ethnography (its people), its management-related issues, its politics and policies, its technology capabilities, its art, architecture and other creative areas, and such – all of which have knowledge implications for design.

The theme ‘Design Local’ was interpreted in many ways as applied to different situations and problems concerning the suburban trains in Mumbai. 135 students and 18 facilitators from 15 countries participated in the Workshop.
  • Corporate Identity Design
    Massimo and Lella Vignelli and Sudarshan Dheer (USA/Italy, India) / Kaladhar Bapu (India)
  • Retail Design (Visual Merchandising)
    Omar Vulpinari (Italy) / Pudi Ravi Krishnan (India)
  • Brand Identity Design
    Don Ryun Chung (South Korea) / K J Peter (India)
  • Packaging Design
    Iko Avital (Israel) / Atul Manohar (India)
  • Games and Toy Design
    Noni Avital (Israel) / Uttaran (India)
  • Typography and Calligraphy
    Halim Choeiry (Lebanon-Qatar) / Girish Dalvi (India)
  • Environmental Graphics Facilitator:
    April Greiman (USA) / Sheetal Alreja (India)
  • Vehicle Graphics
    Lise Vejse Klint (Denmark) and Russel Kennedy (Australia) / Shahid Shaikh (India)
  • Story Telling and Book Design
    Ruth Klotzel and Nina Sabnani (Brasil, India) / Sherline Pimenta (India)

National Graphic Design Education Meet

The National Graphic Design Education Meet was held for the educator who needs to be drawn from a myriad knowledge base to help build a credible design education platform, and help him/her reinvigorate the design curriculum to include more schools into this universe.

Over 60 educators from different schools from India met for two days to come out with this recommendation. The meet scheduled as part of the 'Icograda Design Week in India' helped formulate guidelines for Graphic Design Education in the present and future context (open economy, networked society and sustainable practices).

A set of recommendations with regard to the following issues were formulated:
  • 1.0 curriculum,
  • 2.0 facilities and Infrastructure
  • 3.0 faculty needs and
  • 4.0 network Issues in the context of graphic design education.
  • 5.0 introduction of design in school curriculum
  • 6.0 open system of learning design for all

Graphic Design Installations

Graphic Installations designed by different designers were displayed in different public spaces around Mumbai city. The following designers participated:

  • Sudarshan Dheer
  • Rabia Gupta
  • Achyut Palav
  • Nina Sabnani
  • Falguni Ghokle
  • Kurnal Rawat
  • Sheetal Alreja
  • Visual Communication students of IDC

These installations were displayed at different locations in the city and around the campus of IIT Bombay.



  • Event Sponsors: Rediff.com , Adobe, Satyam, Taj Group of Hotels
  • 'Friends of Design': Google, Nokia, Tata Steel, MIT Institute of Design, Auto Desk, HP
  • Charter Partners: Times Group, The Jasubhai Media Group, Ideafarms, Genesis Films, O&M, Colorsofindia, Goethe Institute/Max Mueller Bhavan, Sir J.J Institute of Applied Arts, DesigninIndia.net