20 January 2006


Hong Kong Design Centre
20-25 January 2006

Hong Kong is a city of great contrast and diversities. It is so tiny, but has so many things. But does tiny mean incapable? Does many mean modern/contemporary, fulfilling and civilized? We describe Hong Kong people as very flexible and highly practical, but is that good or bad? Hong Kong is a shopping paradise, so does that mean it is taking part in consumerism and exploitation? What is the role of design in such a city? How can design influence our views? And how can designers make a positive impact with their skills in Hong Kong?

From 20 - 25 January 2006 Icograda Design Week in Hong Kong shouldered the mission of setting creative standards for graphic design and visual communication in this region of Southeast Asia while educating and inspiring the public.

Organised by the Hong Kong Design Centre in collaboration with:

Evening Lectures

An evening lecture series addressing issues in the various fields of graphic design and visual communication was held with an aim of creating a dialogue between international and local designers.

  • Mervyn Kurlansky (Denmark)
    A Personal Design Journey - Towards Social Responsibility
  • David Berman (Canada)
    Weapons of Mass Deception - Design & Social Responsibility
  • Sudhir Sharma (Sudhir Sharma)
    Cultural Identity and Design in India
  • Russell Kennedy (Australia)
    A Visual Unfurled
  • Ruth Klotzel (Brazil)
    National Identity and Design
  • Don Ryun Chang (Korea)
    Emerging Design Management Specializations in Asia
  • Ric Grefe (United States)
    Evolution of Communication Design
  • Lise Vejse Klint (Denmark)
    A Story from Denmark
  • Vince Dzieken (Austalia)
    Creative Waves
  • Veejay Archary (South Africa)
    Whose problem is it when students can't get employed?
  • Halim Choueiry (Qatar)
    Educating for a Cross Cultural Design market

Student workshops

The three-Day International Design Workshop for Students brought together design students and educators Asia-wide, to enhance the participants' collaborative and creative design skills under the guidance of well-known international designers paired with local design leaders.

  • Lise Vejse Klint (Denmark) / Benny Lau (Hong Kong)
  • Veejay Archary (South Africa) / Tommy Li (Hong Kong)
  • Mervyn Kurlansky (Denmark) / Catherine Hu & Fung Ho Yin (Hong Kong)
  • Halim Choueiry (Qatar) / Kith Tsang Tak-ping (Hong Kong)
  • Russell Kennedy (Australia) / CC Tang (Hong Kong)
  • Ruth Koltzel (Brazil) / Joseph Kong (Hong Kong)
  • Karen Blincoe (Denmark) / Stanley Wong & Alvin Yip (Hong Kong)
  • Vince Dziekan (Australia) /Sannia Ho (Hong Kong)
  • Christopher Ozubko, United States / Vincenzo Perri (Hong Kong)
  • Sudhir Sharma (India) / Wood Wong (Hong Kong)
The Student Workshops took place at Hong Kong Polytechnic University and IVE (Shatin).


  • Design Cares
  • Making a Difference by Design



  • Major sponsor: DesignSmart Initiative, Innovation and Technology Commission
  • Media Sponsor: Longyin Review
  • Paper Sponsor: Hiap Moh (HK) Co. Ltd.
  • Print Sponsor: Suncolor Printing Co. Ltd.
  • Venue Sponsor: LCX (Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui)