Welcome to Design Currency: Icograda Design Week 2010 In Vancouver
26 April 2010 - 30 April 2010

2010 - Vancouver (Canada)

Design Currency: Icograda Design Week 2010 In Vancouver

The state or quality of being current; general acceptance or reception; a passing from person to person, or from hand to hand.

Design has the power to influence our core values, our identity, our expectations and our worldview. Design brings clarity and enhances meaning. Design Currency 2010 offered designers, business leaders and government the opportunity to experience current design thinking and to reshape the understanding of the value of design.

About the event

International Conference

This 2-day event maximised the opportunity for interaction between presenters and delegates. An invited list of international experts lead the presentations, conversations and workshops.
  • Marian Bantjes (Canada)
  • David Berman (Canada)
  • Peter Busby (Canada)
  • Don Ryun Chang (Korea)
  • Frank Chimero (United States)
  • Brian Collins (United States)
  • Ashwini Deshpande (India)
  • Valerie Elliott (Canada)
  • Blair Enns (Canada)
  • Steve Fisher (United States)
  • Heather Fraser (Canada)
  • Ali Gardiner (Canada)
  • John Gleason (United States)
  • Dr. Tony Golsby-Smith (Australia)
  • Ian Grais (Canada)
  • Bruce Haden (Canada)
  • Ben Hulse (Canada)
  • Ronald Kapaz (Brazil)
  • David Lancashire (Australia)
  • Dave Mason (Canada/ United States)
  • Debbie Millman  (United States)
  • Martin Miruka (Kenya)
  • Oscar Pena (The Netherlands)
  • Mark E. Sackett (United States)
  • Gregoire Serikoff (France)
  • Nathan Shedroff (United States)
  • Cameron Sinclair (United States)
  • Helen Walters (United States)

Design Keynote

This event presented thought-leadership on how design is shaping and being shaped by our global community.        

Graphex 2010

Graphex, Canada's national awards programme, has been celebrating the best of visual communication in Canada since 1977. Based on the credo that good design is good business, it showcases exceptional work that drives client success. The Design Week closing was a celebration of Graphex 2010 award winners.

Design Trade Fair

The trade fair showcased the latest products and services from manufacturers, retailers and event partners.


Design Currency 2010 was presented by the Society of Graphic Designers of Canada (GDC) in partnership with the International Council of Graphic Design Associations (Icograda).


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