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11 October 2010 - 17 October 2010

2010 - Brisbane (Australia)

Optimism: Icograda Design Week Brisbane 2010

Australian Graphic Design Association (AGDA)

Optimism: to expect the best possible outcome;
the belief that good will ultimately triumph

Through the theme of ‘Optimism’, Icograda Design Week Brisbane 2010 promoted dialogue on issues shaping the nature and relevance of communication design practice, including the valuable contribution designers make to delivering benefits and results for business, community and culture. Optimism 2010 was a platform for conversation regarding design-led thinking and consciousness for a changing world.

Optimism: Icograda Design Week Brisbane 2010 coincided with the key initiative of the Queensland Government's Queensland Design Strategy 2020, Unlimited: Designing for the Asia Pacific, a new, unique and exciting international design event for the Asia-Pacific region.

It was hosted in partnership with the Australian Graphic Design Association (AGDA)

Business and Design Day: What is design-led business?

The Ulysses team (Queensland Government’s design-led business program) led a day of dynamic discussion about the increasing role of design in creating successful businesses.

  • Peter Haythornthwait, Equip Design Integration Consultants
  • Stephen Baugh, Queensberry
  • Kent Sneddon, Methven
  • Dean Poole, Alt Group
  • Dr Sam Bucolo, Queensland University of Technology
  • Nicki Lloyd, Lloyd Grey Design
  • Glenn Bevan, Infinity Design Development
  • Chris Moody, Moody Brand Advisors

International Conference

Over the course of two days, major international authorities from different sectors of the design community shared their insights with the Optimism delegates.
  • Jody Cox (Australia)
  • Jason Fan (Taiwan - Chinese Taipei)
  • Paul Hughes (Netherlands)
  • Chris Edser and Yianni Hill, The AUstralia Project (Australia)
  • Steven Heller (United States)
  • Blair Enns (Canada)
  • Mimmo Cozzolino (Australia)
  • Eike Konig (Germany)
  • Cameron Bruhn (Australia)
  • Marc Alt (United States)
  • William Harald Wong (Malaysia)
  • Laurence Ng (China)
  • Rabia Gupta (India)
  • Domenico Bartolo (Australia)
  • Lita Talarico (United States)
  • Fabien Barrel (France)

10 AGDA National Awards Gala

The AGDA National Biennial Awards is Australia's proud barometer for creative excellence—honouring design innovation, culture and business. On 16 October 2010, the AGDA Awards Ceremony showcased the best of Australian communication design.

Included in the ceremony was the presentation of an Icograda Achievement Award to AGDA founders Mimmo Cozzalino, Richard Henderson, Steven Huxley, Trevor Flett and Wayne Rankin.

Studio tours

The diversity and expertise of Brisbane's design studios were showcased through UNWRAPPED, as local designers opened their offices to welcome delegates.

Participating studios:
  • Fine Print
  • Big Fish
  • Brio Group
  • Dot Dash
  • Joseph Mark
  • Street and Garden Furniture
  • BVN Architecture
  • Liveworm Studio
  • Riddel Architecture
  • Cuts Creative
  • DCA Letterpress Studio
  • Junior
The tour ended with drinks and conversation at the opening night of the Illustrators Australia 15 Annual 9x5 exhibition.


Optimism 2010 included workshops on the 11 and 16 October.
  • Letterpress Workshop - Design College Australia
  • Social Media Revolution - Reading Room
  • Win Without Pitching - Blair Enns
  • Photography Workshop - CATC Design School
  • Design Thinking - Paul Hughes


Finely Bound
21 Aug - 9 Jan 2011
State Library of Queensland

Finely Bound showcased the State Library of Queensland's collection of hand bound books in traditional, contemporary and artist styles.

AGDA 10 National Biennial Awards
17-24 Oct 2010

The AGDA National Biennial Awards is Australia's proud barometer for creative excellence since 1992—honouring design innovation, culture and business.

The Australia Project
4-17 Oct

The Australia Project is a series of creative initiatives aimed at critically examining the Australian identity. Engaging prominent Australian creatives and the general public alike, the project provokes debate regarding contemporary Australian culture.

'Optimism' AGDA Poster Annual
4–17 October
The Arbour

The 2010 AGDA Poster Annual invited designers to challenge the notion that design is only about beautiful things and demonstrate that it has a greater value and it is in this value that design can effect real change.

'Words of Optimism' AGDA Poster Student Brief
4-17 October
State Library of Queensland

AGDA invited students from across Australia to pay homage to the milestones of our typographic past, through words of an optimistic future.

Tinsmith - An Ordinary Resource
7 October - 13 November
Gallery Artisan

An exhibition of new sculptural work by Barbara Heath—Jeweller to the Lost that pays homage to the Tinsmith trade.

UNLEASHED: Queensland Design on Tour 2010
4-29 October
State Library of Queensland

This exhibition is a showcase of the unleashed: queensland design on tour 2010 Exhibition and outcomes from the aligned goDesign Traveling Workshop Program for Regional Secondary School Students.

Make Change: Design Thinking in Action
4-17 October
State Library of Queensland

Unlimited's showcase exhibition “Make Change: Design Thinking in Action" demonstrated the opportunity and power of design thinking within the Asia Pacific.

Illustrators Annual 15 Annual 9X5
11-14 October
Design College Australia

Called the "9x5" in reference to an Australian Impressionists exhibition of the same name held in Melbourne in 1889, each work in this show was created specifically for the exhibition's theme of "Untold Stories".

11–17 October
Stanley Street Plaza

An exhibition of finalists responding to the theme 'A Glass Half Full'.

4 October - 4 December
Riverside Terrace
South Bank Parklands

A reactive, immersive lighting installation in the park—an object that responds to movement.


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