09 May 2011 - 13 May 2011

2011 - Vilnius (Lithuania)

Spring: Icograda Design Week Vilnius 2011

9-13 May 2011 - Vilnius (Lithuania)

Spring represents the beginning of the cycle where ideas are planted and through a meticulous strategic design process they come to life and we can reap their fruits.

Through the theme of ‘Spring’, Icograda Design Week in Vilnius 2011 explored design as a powerful process that transitions ideas into functional realities.

Spring 2011 created a forum for designers, business leaders and government stakeholders to discuss and explore design as a basis for development.

The Design Week coincided with the 50 anniversary of the Vilnius Academy of Arts which served as the main venue for this event.

This event was hosted in partnership with the Lithuanian Graphic Design Association (LGDA) who celebrated their 15 anniversary in 2011.

Spring 2011's programme included:
  • International Conference
  • 2011 ED Awards Gala
  • Studio Walks
  • Exhibitions
  • Icograda Regional Meeting
  • Icograda Executive Board Meeting

  • Lawrence Zeegen (United Kingdom)
  • Paul Hughes (Netherlands)
  • Jūratė Bučmytė & Albertas Krajinskas (Lithuania)
  • Omar Vulpinari (Italy)
  • Todd Cavalier (United States)
  • Karolina Jakaitė (Lithuania)
  • Jacek Utko (Poland)
  • Robert L. Peters (Canada)
  • Tomi Haaparanta (Finland)
  • Gediminas Šiaulys (Lithuania)
  • Beetroot (Greece)

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