Above: World Communication Design Day 2012 celebration. Photo courtesy of Diseño Usandizaga.
27 April 2013

World Communication Design Day 2013 and Icograda 50 Anniversary

Montréal (Canada) – Continuing the year-long celebration of its 50 anniversary, Icograda invites members and all interested parties to participate in World Communication Design Day 2013, by organizing public events and initiatives celebrating the impact and importance of communication design. 

To commemorate this momentous occasion, Icograda invites participants to develop projects around the theme ‘1Love1Word’  and join the global celebration on 27 April 2013.

This celebration was launched in 1991 as World Graphics Day, and since 2012,
it is known as World Communication Design Day.  This global event is an opportunity for designers to recognise communication design and its role in
the world, and to celebrate the birthday of Icograda, founded on 27 April 1963.

On this occasion, Icograda invites designers from across the globe to reflect
on the powerful force of community, which transcends borders and differences, bound by a common love and a passion for change, empowerment and creative leadership.  

Theme: 1Love1Word

For 50 years, Icograda has been a place that designers can call home.  

Serving and promoting the importance of communication design in ever-changing global climates, Icograda members, partners, friends and affiliates remain committed to the vision and mission that inspired Icograda’s foundation in 1963.  Spanning five decades and all regions of the world, the Icograda network has fostered collective achievement while celebrating individual and regional growth: each year, each project, each initiative and collaboration, each connection, each milestone, converging in a common expression of a love for design and community.

‘1Love1Word’ captures the spirit of the Icograda family.  It is…
  • multiplicity as a unity; finding congruity in difference and accord in divirgence
  • multi- and inter-disciplinary collaboration bridging gaps to produce innovative design solutions
  • love as a creative force, design as a communitarian practice
  • interplay between tradition and innovation; responsiveness to context and history
  • a cumulative, collaborative, pioneering drive for accessible and sustainable design
It is Icograda.

Suggested activities
Communication Design is, at its core, a creative activity aimed to solve a problem according to local context and audience. These suggestions are a point of departure for the many unique solutions World Communication Design Day may inspire.
  • organise a ‘designer hackathon’ around 27 April to bring together people from various disciplines – converging to frame and solve local design problems
  • organise local talks/debates/lectures/presentations
  • open door studio tours
  • work with local governments to recognise World Communication Design Day and highlight the community impact of the profession
  • produce participatory communication design work celebrating the theme
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World Communication Design Day is driven by our members. Share your event to inspire others and spread the word about Communication Design:
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Share your event!
World Communication Design Day is driven by our members. Share your event to inspire others and spread the word about Communication Design:

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on Twitter: use the #wcdd2013 hashtag

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