4 - 10 July 2008


Visit the official event website: www.designweekdaegu.com

From 4-10 July 2008, all participants will be able to expand their connection with the sphere of design. It will truly be a worthwhile event, with a wide variety of design and education conferences for creatives from all over the world.


Color has been a strategic element used within work around the globe. In the 21st century, design has grown to become a major part of environment, culture, society and industry, with the aim of improving the quality of human life. It is time to consider color's influence as the most powerful element in all design and to find new ways of making creatives out of contemporary designers.

The theme for the International Conference is [ Color Value ].

The Student Workshop will be divided into three sub themes:
  • Color & Culture
  • Color & Media
  • Color & Industry


  • Color: Light, material, physiology and psychology
  • The basic factors and meanings of color in the 21st century
  • The influence of color as a creative element within culture and society
  • The various colors in communication and globalization
  • Understanding and discussing the overuse of color within digital media
  • Challenge through the color
  • Metaphysical color
  • A standard of value in color


  • International conference: multiple discussions on color value
  • International student workshop: education for young creatives
  • Icograda Executive Board Meeting: International meeting gathering Icograda board members
  • Regional Design Exchange Meeting: Discussion about Asian design development
  • Local Designers' Meeting: Discussion about the regional development of design
  • Exhibition: International Color poster, Color Marketing, International Student works
  • Excursion: To the exotic and traditional Kyung-ju, Korea

About Daegu

Daegu is a vital city in southeastern Korea, known for its fashion, IT, culture and design. ‘Colorful Daegu’, the city’s slogan, invokes images of the bright, vivid and energetic character of the region. Through a variety of events related to color, design, industry and culture, Daegu aims to become the international city of design and color.

Daegu Kyungbuk Design Center
The Daegu Kyungbuk Design Center is where business, universities and designers collaborate and communicate with each other, sharing information and creating ideas. The Center’s main activities include education, business support and public installations. The color research center housed at the Center advanced the study of color and its influence in design.

Material Connextion Daegu Korea at the Daegu Kyungbuk Design Center facilitates collaboration between Asian countries in developing new material for design.

Fashion Daegu – Milan project
Daegu’s strong textile and fashion industry has been established on its reputation for high quality products and unique designs. The Milan Project, a national initiative, is intended to foster even greater success for Daegu’s fashion business.

Colorful Daegu Festival
The Colorful Daegu Festival is held on the Sincheon waterfront, a popular location with stunning design and a colourful forest.

Exco, Daegu’s international convention center, has hosted events as EIBTM 2003, IT&ME and IT&CME. Since 2004 it has held about 4,000 exhibitions and holds close to 800 conventions annually.


Presenting partners:

DVDC / Daegu Visual Design Assciation

  • The Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy
  • KIDP
  • Daegu Metropolitan City
  • Gyeongsangbuk - do
Icograda Design Week in Daegu, 4-10 July 2008

Key dates

4 July
Opening Ceremony
International Poster Exhibition

4-6 July
International Conference

4-10 July
Color Marketing Exhibition
International Student Exhibition

5-6 July
Icograda Executive Board Meeting

6 July
Special Party

7 July
Regional Design Exchange Meeting
Local Designer Meeting
Excursion (conference participant only)

7-9 July
International Student Workshop

9 July
Closing ceremony

10 July
Excursion (Workshop participant only)