07 June 2004


Designer: Bassy Arcuschin Machado
Member of: ADG Brazil

About the design
Three-dimensional card depicting Sao Paulo, which is currently celebrating its 450-year anniversary.

About the designer
Bassy Arcuschin Machado is Head Designer of Origami Paper Architecture
Company established in Sao Paulo, Brazil, since 1987. Origami has won
many national and international prizes with diverse works, such as Fernando Pini, Louie Awards - "Oscar" of the card making industry - with the best card of the year, 2000.

More information
Client: Origami Paper Architecture
Designer: Bassy Arcuschin Machado
Additional creative credits: Haydee Martins , Rachel Romano , Eugenio Andrade, Claudia Jaime
Dimensions: 115 X 290 mm
Copyright: Origami Paper Architecture, 2003

Bassy Arcuschin Machado
Design Firm: Origami Paper Architecture
Avenida Reboucas, 2969
Sao Paulo - SP
05401-350 Brazil
T: + 5511 3064 0811
F: + 5511 3081 8891
W: www.origami.com.br
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