03 September 2008


Designer: Luis Miguel Munilla Gamo
Member of: AEPD, Spain

About the design
Designed for Nova Estetic beauty center, these unique lines depict clients relaxing under the care of the center's directors.

While it might seem like an obstacle to avoid using photography for the communication of a beauty company, this decision allowed the designer to develop a very specific style.

About the designer
Clients: Almirall Prodesfarma, Alvicorp, Astra Zeneca, Domecq, Foster’s Hollywood, Nexcare, Novartis, Pfizer, Pharmacia, Post-it®, Scotch™, Scotchbrite™, Swarovski, Thinsulate, etc.
Books: "Logos Made in Spain", "Marcas & Trademarks", "Peace Signs", etc.
Magazines: Visual, Black Tipográfico, La Cuerda, Novum, etc.
Exhibitions: "El diseño crea igualdad" (Madrid), "In Pectore", (Valencia), "Always chapas" (Madrid), Ilustration:2008 (Ucrania), etc.

More information
Client: Nova Estetic
Design firm: Proyecto Limón
Dimensions: 700 x 700 mm squares, 2100 x 500 mm rectangle
Copyright: 2008 Luis Miguel Munilla Gamo

Luis Miguel Munilla Gamo
Proyecto Limón
Apdo. correos 50500
Madrid 28080
T: +34 91 6463 45759
W: www.flickr.com/proyectolimon
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