[Image: Design by René V. Steiner, Switzerland]
12 May 2010

Book Covers

Designer: René V. Steiner
Member of: Swiss Graphic Designers (SGD)

About the designs

A series of book covers designed for George Ronald Publisher, Oxford. The books address a spectrum of subject matter ranging from poetry to biography. Each cover was designed to convey the respective book's theme as succinctly as possible, usually making use of metaphorical imagery. All six books are English language. Their target market is international in scope. 


Dimensions: 234 x 169 mm and 216 x 138 mm
Client: George Ronald Publisher, Oxford
Design firm: Steiner Graphics
Copyright: 2008 - 2010 George Ronald

About the designer

Since 2001 Steiner, a Swiss-Canadian, has worked as an independent design professional serving the new media design needs of a broad spectrum of clients ranging from individual consultants to international organisations (World Health Organization, International Labour Organization, University for Peace, Centre for International Sustainable Development Law, among others).

René V. Steiner
Steiner Graphics
Rue de Zurich 45
T: +41 78 802 6864
W: www.steinergraphics.com
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