Japan Institute of Design Promotion
Founded in 1969 as the Japan Industrial Design Promotion Organization, on the basis of a report submitted by the Design Council of the Japanese Ministry of International Trade and Industry, the Japan Institute of Design Promotion (JDP) was created on 1 June 2011 – indicating its fresh start as the sole comprehensive design promotion center in Japan.

JDP continues to play a key role in formulation and implementation of promotional and developmental measures for growth of the creative industries in Japan, partnering with industry, government and the creative community. JDP also works closely with the Japanese government to formulate the national design policy.

As Japan's comprehensive design promotion body, JDP is a multi-disciplinary institution with a vast network of design-related organisations from the private as well as public sectors and over 15 000 companies, including SMEs, across the Asian region.

The scope of JDP's activities include:

Good Design Award
Good Design Award is a comprehensive program for the evaluation and encouragement of design. This award system was originally born in 1957 and since 1998, it has been executed by Japan Industrial Design Promotion Organization (JIDPO) as organiser and given to approximately 37 000 outstanding designs all over the world.

Design News
Launched on 1 June 2011, "Design News" is a new media to promote information regarding design from inside and outside Japan and to play a role as the archive of Japanese design.

Tokyo Midtown Design Hub
The design networking stronghold to connect people, business, knowledge, etc. thorough design. It was established in April 2007 and functions as a space for exhibition, seminars and workshop.

Reconstruction Support Design Center
As of 1 June 1 2011, the Center will focus on projects supporting the reconstruction of the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake disaster area that:
  1. build up the design with a changed sense of value through the earthquake disaster and research to develop social awareness through the design;
  2. provide the opportunity for the output of the designers in disaster area; and
  3. support activities for designers in the disaster area by the designers in non-disaster area.

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