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09 April 2010

Phyllis Lambert Design Montreal Grant: Call for applications to young design professionals

Montreal (Canada) – Helen Fotopulos, Executive Committee Member responsible for Culture, Heritage, Design and the Status of Women, is pleased to announce that the Phyllis Lambert Design Montreal Grant will be awarded for a third consecutive year. Created for young design professionals, this grant aims to acknowledge and promote the talent of emerging Montreal designers and foster their professional recognition.

The winner will receive a $10,000 award to fund a professional development project in one of the cities of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network, of which Montreal is a member. A promotional campaign will also be organised to raise awareness of the winner among his or her industry peers as well as the general public.

"In awarding this grant, our administration is seeking to prompt designers to take a greater interest in design themes related to the city," Ms. Fotopulos said. "We are encouraging exchanges between designers here and abroad, and development of international networks and markets, so that these young professionals can improve their knowledge of design practices around the world, become familiar with different creative environments and take advantage of dynamic professional networking."

The Phyllis Lambert Design Montreal Grant rewards the talent of a young Montreal designer with fewer than 10 years' professional practice, and having demonstrated exceptional quality in studies and work as well as marked interest in the city. The grant must be used to fund a professional development project – for example, a study trip, a work internship, participation in a design competition, workshop, or symposium or any other activity relevant to the advancement of a nascent design career.

The past recipients of the grant are: Ying Gao (2009), university professor and fashion designer, for her project to design "modulatable" garments whose construction is directly inspired by transformations in the urban environments of Berlin and Nagoya; and Philippe Lamarre (2008), graphic designer, publisher and co-founder of the multidisciplinary design studio Toxa, for his project to create a collaborative website on vernacular graphic design in the cities of Buenos Aires, Berlin and Montreal.

In honour of Phyllis Lambert

Created by the City of Montreal in 2008, the grant is named in honour of Phyllis Lambert, a Great Montrealer and staunch defender of emerging designers. It underscores her remarkable contribution to the international reputation of Montreal and to the quality of life of its citizens, as well as the decisive influence she has had on the quality of urban planning, architecture, heritage and design in the city.

Application procedure

Interested candidates are invited to complete the registration form available on the website www.realisonsmontreal.com, and submit their application packages no later than 16:30, 16 August 2010, to the following address:

Bourse Phyllis-Lambert Design Montreal
Ville de Montreal
Bureau Design Montreal
303, rue Notre-Dame Est, 6e étage
Montreal, Quebec
H2Y 3Y8

A jury made up of representatives recognised by the design community will evaluate each eligible application on the basis of its quality and the interest of the proposed project. The name of the recipient will be announced in September.

For more information, please contact:

Stéphanie Jecrois
Chargée de projet
Design Montreal
303, rue Notre-Dame Est, 6e étage
T: +1 514 872 5388
W: www.designmontreal.com
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