photo courtesy of Iranian Graphic Designers Society
07 May 2013

WCDD 2013 Highlights - Icograda 50 in Tehran

Tehran (Iran) - Every year, on the second half of April, the Iranian Graphic Designers Society celebrates World Communication Design Day by allocating a full week to lectures, exhibitions and workshops. This year in honour of  Icograda's 50th anniversary, our opening ceremony for the Graphic Design Week was designed to be more fun and festive.

The event attracted more than 1000 member and non-member designers to gather with pride for their local, national and international roles as communication designers.

The week program also showcased "Glob-All Mix" and "Project Sunshine for Japan" exhibitions. Along with a lecture and exhibition from Francois Caspar—the president of French Designers Alliance. The exhibitions were curated to reflect the Iranian designers, the role of international participation and its effect on helping global issues.

submitted by: Ali Rashidi, President -Iranian Graphic Designers Society