[Image: KECD celebrates World Graphics Day in Korea, 2006]
Above: KECD celebrates World Graphics Day in Korea, 2006
World Communication Design Day

27 April marks the anniversary of Icograda's establishment in 1963. It has been celebrated since 1995 as World Graphics Day. The concept was developed by Kim Paulsen (Denmark) during the 1993-1995 Board term. Beginning in 2012, it is celebrated as World Communication Design Day.

World Communication Design Day is an opportunity to recognise communication design, and its role in the world, and to celebrate the birthday of Icograda.

On this occasion, designers reflect and hope that our global network can contribute to greater understanding between people and can help to build bridges where divides and inequities exist.

2014 activities

The 2014 global WCDD celebration examines the evolving role of designers in the 21st century.  Participants are invited to organise local events and to submit their interpretation of the statement "This is what a designer does."

Event details and the WCDD2014 Kit can be found on the event listing page.

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2013 activities

The theme for the Icograda's 50 anniversary was '1Love1Word'. Participants were invited to share their events to inspire others and spread the word about Communication Design. 

In parternship with JCDecaux, Icograda celebrated WCDD 2013 by inviting 50 creatives from 5 continents to design celebratory pieces.  The designs were displayed on The Cromwell Road Digital Gateway over the three day campaign along one of Europe's busiest roads.  Highlights from the exhibition can be seen here.

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2012 activities

The theme chosen for the inaugural World Communication Design Day 2012 was 'Convergence.':
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    2010 activities

    In keeping with the theme for Design Currency: Icograda Design Week in Vancouver 2010, opening on World Graphics Day 2010, participants were invited to complete the sentence: "I value design because..." This was the theme.

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        Read the Feature on World Graphics Day for a brief history and a look back at past events.